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Radio Femenina 102.5

El Salvador is growing in musical talent, with plenty of new aspiring bands emerging over the last decade. Yet Salvadoran artists have a problem: SALVADORAN LISTENERS. 


Salvadoran listeners believe that anything that's foreign is better, so they request radio stations to play international artists over and over again. 


For the country's National Musician's Day, La Femenina 102.5 radio station, played these foreign voices one more time, but in a completely different way. We asked Salvadoran's most beloved international bands to call in and request a song from their favorite Salvadoran artists to play in La Femenina 102.5, serving as a reminder for Salvadorans to be proud of what's theirs and to support their national talent.

El Ojo de Iberoamérica: SILVER (Content Category)

El Ojo de Iberoamérica: BRONZE (Media Category)

Case Study: Complacencias Inesperadas

Case Study: Complacencias Inesperadas

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