To celebrate the 2019 Women’s World Cup, Wheaties challenges what it means to be a champion in the modern world. We’re taking women off the shelves and breaking the box.


Boxes feature athletes whose values transcend athletic achievement. The “Wheaties” logo is replaced with the athlete’s legacy to show that we are not peddling cereal, we’re pushing change.


Our OOH is an evolution of the iconic cereal box. For so long, we have celebrated typical athletes. It's time to champion the women excelling in both athletics and activism—a champion doesn’t fit into one box.


Our goal isn’t just to inspire—it’s to empower. To reach young women with a message that facilitates action. That’s why the heroes of this campaign extend to a micro-level. Promising young women will be championed in their hometowns, and given a platform to extend their outreach and activism. Because when you recognize someone breaking the box, you can begin to see yourself there.


This series of social posts dives deeper into our champions’ story, achievements, and hurdles. Photos are designed so the viewers can swipe, illustrating how the champion is more than just a sum of her parts.


Our champions come to life to give viewers a more personal look into their lives.

*Snapchat and Instagram filters allow for the athlete to come off of the box


Copywriter: Cate Mabry